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Borrow up $10,000

No credit check required!


Secured Loans

Loans for renters

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No credit check

Borrow up to $10,000

Loans from 16-64 weeks

Up to 17.99% APR

Up to 17.99% APR

No credit check

Loans from 16-64 weeks

Borrow up to $10,000

Up to 17.99% APR

How it works

Your advance loan is secured by your lease security deposit refund. 

The loan amount is determined by your security deposit and the duration of the lease.

Let’s say you need $2,000

Loan term

APR up to

Total loan cost

56 weeks




Weekly payments of

Loan term range from 16-64 weeks depending on your remaining lease duration. Your weekly payments are calculated based on your security deposit refund amount and lease duration. Click "Apply now" to see the terms you qualify for.

What you need

Florida Only

     Currently only available to Florida residents

We need a Social Security
Social security

Confirm your


We need a signed Lease Agreement
Signed lease

Verify lease duration and security deposit amount

We need an active bank account
Active bank

Prove your income, rent payments and utility payments

How does Rentqui not check my credit score?

Why rentqui? We help renters unlock their security deposit

Rentqui relies on information provided directly by you, not from credit bureaus. We will look for evidence of employment, monthly rent and utilities payments, and your overall financial circumstances.

It's essential that you've already paid a residential security deposit and are eligible for a future refund. Rentqui does not function as security deposit or rent assistance and does not furnish funds for upcoming leases that involve unpaid security deposits, moving fees, or rent.


Got questions?

  • What is Rentqui and who is it for?
    Rentqui is a secured personal loan for responsible renters. The Rentqui loan is secured by your future security deposit refund. Rentqui verifies your residential lease, refundable security deposit, rent payment history, and evidence of employment to help you get earlier access to your security deposit funds. Rentqui is for renters who have already paid their residential security deposit and are entitled to a future refund. Rentqui is not security deposit or rent assistance and does not provide funds for future leases with unpaid security deposits, moving fees, or rent.
  • How much I can borrow?
    Rentqui loans range from $1,000 to $10,000. Approved loan amounts vary depending on the remaining lease duration and the refundable security deposit amount as documented in the applicant's lease agreement.
  • Are there fees associated with my Rentqui loan?
    Rentqui does not charge application fees for loans. Rentqui loans may include an origination fee. All interest payments and fees directly charged by Rentqui are included in the total loan APR amount. However, loan costs may include applicable government documentary stamp taxes, third party KYC-AML verification costs, and bank transfer fees which are not directly charged by Rentqui and are not included in the total loan APR amount.
  • I do not have any credit. Can I get a Rentqui Loan?
    Yes, for us you're more than your credit score. Rentqui does not rely upon credit scores and your eligibility is determined by looking at your broader financial picture.
  • I have no bank, can I apply?
    Applicants must have a verified bank account to be eligible for a Rentqui loan.

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